Issues such as environmental or climate protection have become increasingly important in recent years and we, as a responsible manufacturer of oversized clothing, cannot and do not want to ignore this topic. We live in a society that does everything possible so that its next generation should be better off, and yet many people forget that it cannot only be about financial interests!

But while you only seem to talk in politics, business and trade and don't follow these speeches, Maracheno dared to take the first step instead and really does something for our environment!

Always looking for what is feasible, we have invested a lot of time and effort, tried out many ideas so that we can proudly present our truly sustainable and reusable product packaging to you today!

You receive all of our goods in an environmentally friendly, reusable and lockable cotton bag, which we developed especially for this purpose. More than that, collar bands or clips are now largely free of plastic!

Even our shipping boxes are recyclable and are sealed with paper adhesive strips to avoid plastic, but of course we (so far) cannot completely do without plastic, but we are certainly constantly looking for alternatives and are already offering great added value our bare products, which you should definitely secure for yourself with your order at Maracheno!

Convince yourself that it is still possible today to make the world a little bit better! - Take part, we look forward to seeing you!