Would you like some cashmere?

The cashmere mix sweaters by Maracheno are of outstanding quality. Good fits and wide cuts also ensure optimal comfort, so that you not only feel good in our comfortable pullovers, but even better than that! - Different colors underline the various possible combinations, from classic to colorful, with the pullovers from Maracheno you will find what you are looking for and look better than expected! The slightly cheaper wool / cotton sweaters are also praised by our customers as very fine and of high quality. Just convince yourself: Which sweater would you like for yourself? - A pair of chic pants or a shirt? - Go ahead, the clothes from Maracheno will certainly not disappoint you.

Nature and environmental protection with Maracheno - is that possible?

YES is our answer, because at Maracheno we have developed a product packaging that is effectively free of plastic when combined with pullovers. You will receive these free of charge with our goods and the best thing about it: you can use them again for your own needs! Try it!