Do you like cotton pants? - With Maracheno you even do something for the environment!

The Maracheno trousers are made entirely of organic cotton. This is not only good for yourself, but also for nature. Organic cotton is the order of the day when topics such as nature and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important and sustainability should be a matter of course. The chino pants also contain a small amount of stretch, which increases comfort. With our pants you can really be seen everywhere, whether for work, business or leisure, we have the right outfit for every type. Our trousers can also be combined in a variety of ways, e.g. B. with Maracheno shirts or sweaters, so that your new outfit will attract the envious looks of others! Are you ready for your style? - We have already stored it for you in our online shop!

Was that all for the environment?

Of course not, because our trousers, like all other Maracheno goods, are delivered to you in our self-developed sustainable product packaging made of cotton and do completely without plastic! If that's not a reason to join in now?