Awesome for summer, awesome in summer!

This is our statement if it comes to thinking about our shorts! - No matter whether cargo shorts or chino shorts, both types are made from organic cotton and are therefore particularly remarkable. The chino shorts also have a small amount of stretch, which significantly increases comfort and ensures that you feel absolutely comfortable and well dressed in your new shorts. Of course, we also offer a good fit and comfortable cuts that you will like as a strong gentleman. Large sizes up to a waist size of almost 1.60 m are predestined for people who do not want to take it so seriously with one or two kilos more among others. We at Maracheno can assure you that our shorts are made of the best materials in high quality and therefore do not shy away from comparison!

Not only organic cotton in the pants, but also the whole thing packed in an environmentally friendly way!

The Maracheno shorts come completely plastic-free in our specially developed product packaging. You can continue to use it as you like, because they are versatile!